Online Registration Periods Twice Yearly

Penalties May Be Incurred for Late Registration

The SPFSA conducts two registration periods for its two seasons. Fall registration is typically open from May 15th through June 30th. This year (2015) we are evaluating changing the registration system so the registration period will be starting mid-July - date to be announced. Late registration is then reopened from July 15th - 31st (for this year, 2015, the wait-list period will be announced later) and includes a $20 late fee. Spring registration is expected to open around end of November. Late registration is usually reopened from January 15th - 30th and typically has included a $20 late fee. That fee has been waived effective January 7th, 2009 until further notice. Please note that the dates are approximate and may vary year-by-year.

A new ’wait-list’ option has been instituted effective for the spring 2010 season in which late registrants may, or may not be placed on rosters depending upon available spaces.

Notice of registration periods is announced on this website’s homepage, emailed directly to all current SPFSA members several times, forwarded to all coaches, published in local newspapers and posted on the two local cable TV access bulletin boards.We also use the FaceBook page to put out announcements when possible.On occassion, the announcements are also sent out via the local PTA.

Cut-off dates are crucial in allowing the volunteers of the SPFSA to properly roster teams, enlist coaches, contract trainers, compile game schedules, order uniforms, secure field permits, set practice schedules and the like. The SPFSA relies on parents taking the responsibility to register their children in a timely manner.