SPFSA Contact Information

P.O. Box 203, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

The volunteers of the board devote a tremendous amount of time on a day-to-day basis to keep the SPFSA operating 365 days a year. Please be considerate of their private time. Solicitation via telephone will not be accepted. Cell phone numbers are provided for emergencies and for situations that require immediate attention. All other communication should be done via email. Always include your phone number in your email so the appropriate board member does have the option to contact you via telephone if that is the best option to address your matter. Thanks, your consideration is very much appreciated.

Executive Board

Contact Information Absolutely Cannot be Used for Solicitation Purposes

Title Officer Email Address Cell Phone
President Chris DeMaria demaria105@verizon.net Withheld by request
Executive Vice President Dan Edwards dtedwards7@gmail.com Withheld by request
VP Operations Ed Kaulfers TBA TBA
VP Finance Steve Poliseo SPFSAfinance@gmail.com Withheld by request
VP Registration & Membership Joanne Guarnuccio jguarnuccio123@yahoo.com Withheld by request 
VP House Program Kelley Sponheimer kspon@verizon.net Withheld by request
VP Inter-County Program Andrew Bondarowicz abondarowicz@gmail.com 908 456 8882
VP Travel Program Gordon Moser ghmwater@gmail.com TBA
VP Communications Rick Aiere rick_aiere@comcast.net Withheld by request

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