Visitor-Friendly Field Details

Ratings Subject to Change Without Notice!

The availability of rest facilities can be erratic @ many fields due to the possibility of unexpected locked buildings. Please plan accordingly. Dogs are absolutely prohibited from all fields. Thank you.


Brookside Park/SCP

Natural Grass Fair Fair Fair Playground
Evergreen Field/BOE Natural Grass Fair Fair Excellent Playground
Evergreen Lawn/BOE Natural Grass Good Good Good None
Forest Road Park/FWD  Natural Grass  Poor  Poor  Fair  Playground 
Jerseyland Park/SCP  Natural Grass  Good  Fair  Good  Bleachers/Playground 
Kramer Manor Park/SCP  Natural Grass  Excellent  Excellent  Good  Playground 
LaGrande Park/FWD  Natural Grass  Good  Fair  Fair  Playground 
Memorial Field/SCP  Natural Grass  Good  Fair  Fair  Bleachers/Playground 
Mount St. Mary Academy/PVT  Synthetic Turf  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Grandstand 
Park Middle School/BOE  Natural Grass  Good  Good  Good  None 
School One/BOE  Natural Grass  Fair  Fair  Good  Playground 
Scotch Plains Fanwood HS/BOE  Synthetic Turf  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Grandstand 
Southside Field/SCP  Synthetic Turf  Excellent  Excellent  Good  Bleachers/Playground 
Terrill Middle School/BOE  Natural Grass  Good  Fair  Excellent  None 
Union Catholic HS/PVT  Synthetic Turf  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Bleachers 
Union County VoTech/SCP  Natural Grass  Good  Poor  Excellent  None 
Wardlaw Hartridge School/PVT  Natural Grass  Good  Good  Good  Bleachers