Southside Field Opens!

Important New Turf Rules for Coaches, Players & Parents

The Scotch Plains Department of Parks and Recreation has proudly opened the new Southside turf field on-time and under budget, but asks that the SPFSA observe some basic rules to assure proper care and maintenance of this major investment. Coaches are reminded that the goals are not to be moved from their endline position. Players are asked to rely on water for hydration purposes and not to bring snack items, bubble gum and sodas, juices or sugar-based energy drinks onto the field.

Parents are asked to observe all soccer activity from outside of the fenced area and to set-up lawn chairs on the path near the bleacher pads. (Spectator visibility will be improved prior to the spring season). Parking should not interfere with the designated spaces for the volunteer fire department adjacent to the firehouse. All other general field rules including the request that parents refrain from smoking and bringing dogs to this venue remain in effect. We really need full cooperation. Thanks.