SPFSA Summer Camp 2017

The SPFSA is announcing the sixth year of SPFSA SUMMER SOCCER CAMPS, four-day programs (Monday – Thursday) geared toward children entering kindergarten through fifth grade.

THE CAMP:  The SPFSA SUMMER SOCCER CAMPS specialize in developing individual technique with the beginning soccer player. Enjoyment through participation is an important component of a player’s growth and is continuously emphasized during camp activities.

THE COACHES: The SPFSA Summer Soccer Camps are conducted by SPFHS Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Kevin Ewing, SPFSA Trainer Scott Brelinsky, and SPFHS Varsity Girls Assistant Coach Michelle Tobier. Kevin, Scott, and Michelle are career educators, possess master’s degrees in various areas of education, and actively conduct all the camp’s training sessions.  The SPFSA SUMMER SOCCER CAMP fosters an environment where players may learn and apply new skills while, most importantly, having fun!

This year’s program will offer three sessions:

WHEN:         JUNE   26 – 29:   $130.00  

             JULY     24 - 27:   $130.00

             AUGUST  7 - 10:   $130.00

WHERE:       Forest Road Park, Fanwood

WHO:            Children, ages 5 – 10

TIME:            9:00-12:30

WHAT TO BRING:  Plenty of water, ball, shin guards, snack/light lunch.

             We will break for a light lunch at 11:30

l  All campers receive an “SPFSA 2017 Summer Camp” dri-fit style t-shirt!

l   A 15% discount applies for families registering multiple children and/or for multiple weeks.

l   Enrollment in SPFSA House, InterCounty or Travel programs is not required to participate.

l   Please email Scott Brelinsky for more information:  sbrelinsky@yahoo.com

To register online, visit: https://scotchplainsfanwood.demosphere-secure.com/_registration

SPFSA News Alert

Player Injury Insurance Claim

Form for filing supplemental insurance claim when player is injured: 


Lightning Safety

SPFSA mandate is to follow lightning safety. The rule for resuming play after suspension of play is to wait 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder. During impending thunderstorm you are not safe anywhere outside. Run to a safe building or vehicle when you first hear thunder, see lightning or observe dark threatening clouds developing overhead. Do notshelter under trees.

For additional information visit the national youth soccer lightning safety link at youth soccer website and the national weather service website lightning safety link

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